From Freedom to Flourish
The transformation program that got us here


checklist iconSelection

Working with our NGO partners, we evaluate and select candidates to join our intensive short-term training program.

We work with anti-trafficking organisations that have rescued hundreds of girls, women and men from sex and labour slavery. We also work with NGOs that work amongst the poorest communities that often supply the individuals that become enslaved. In this way we are both reactive and proactive in addressing the impact of slavery.


support team iconWork begins

Successful graduates join the operations team where they continue upskilling for client specific engagements. Through continuous coaching and performance measurement, our staff reach a high level of competency in their work. The work environment is specifically designed with our target employment population in mind.


support team iconOngoing Support

We deploy a unique support program that enables our staff to successfully work in the modern, professional workplace. Support elements include mentors, performance coaches, financial and health literacy programs and scholarships for further education. We work with partner organisations that are specialists in these areas so that they receive the best support possible.

The support program makes great business sense with our staff performing above expectations and an industry leading retention rate of over 95%.


star launchpadCareer and life launchpad

Ongoing skill development – our entry level employees start typically doing data entry and image processing work, then progress to more complex and analytical work including database and website development.

Our support program and work environment helps them adopt the right workplace attitudes and behaviours to be high performing professionals – the ideal starting point for a successful career involving technology!